Certification Process

  1. Get in touch – Contact us, share with us the nature of your business and we will be able to advise you the appropriate ISO standards that is suitable to your organization.
  2. Proposal – Submission on our certification proposal which includes the fee and time required for the audit.
  3. Confirmation – Acknowledge and confirm the certification proposal.
  4. Preparing for the Audit – Implementation of the necessary processes and procedures to meet the requirements of the applicable ISO standard.
  5. Pre-Assessment – Optional assessment which involves conducting a gap analysis to identify areas where your organization may fall short of the requirements, developing an action plan to address any shortcomings, and implementing the necessary changes.
  6. Stage 1 Audit – This first stage of the audit is typically a document review, during which the certification body will review your organization’s documentation to ensure that it meets the requirements of the applicable ISO standard. This will involve a review of policies, procedures, and other relevant documentation.
  7. Stage 2 Audit – This second stage of the audit is a more detailed review of your organization’s processes and procedures to ensure that they meet the requirements of the applicable ISO standard. This will typically involve a site visit by the certification body, during which they will observe your organization’s operations and interview key personnel.
  8. Certification – Issuance of certificate upon successful Stage 2 audit based on evidence of audit. Certificate is valid for 3 years.
  9. Annual assessment – Maintain the validity of the certification process through annual audit.
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